How to Combat Dry Scalp in Winter

Winter is synonymous with lots of lovely things: hot chocolate, a white Christmas, and gingerbread houses. Unfortunately, winter is also associated with a few not quite so lovely things, like dry scalp. Here are some tips to combat dry scalp in the winter:

  1. Conditioner. This probably sounds obvious, but use conditioner. Even if you don’t use it in the summer, you might really need it in the winter. And treat yourself to a long conditioning, but putting the conditioner on and leaving it in for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Scalp Massage. We frequently mention scalp massage because there’s some real science that suggests that it can help with hair growth. In addition to helping hair growth, a regular gentle scalp massage increases the circulation in your scalp which can lead to more oils being secreted—which is a good thing if you’re suffering from dry scalp. There is just no downside to adding a scalp massage to your routine two or three times per week.
  3. Eat well. A vitamin A deficiency is linked to dry skin, in general. So, make an effort to eat well. Remember that beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body. Anything that affects the skin also affects the scalp.
  4. Drink water. Everything in your body works better when you consume enough water, and conversely, everything works not as well if you don’t drink enough. We are made of approximately 60% water.
  5. Keep stress levels down. Stress affects your overall health. Period. So, even your scalp will be healthier if you lower your stress levels. This is not hard to do by adding a little exercise or trying mindfulness meditation or cutting back on caffeine or writing things down or any combination of these things.

If you want your hair and scalp to be the best it can be, then take care of your whole body. For a few months of the year, the wind may be whistling outside, but your hair and scalp can still look fabulous.

Anyone suffering from sudden and significant hair loss should see his or her family doctor, but we are here for you when you’re ready to start treatment for hair loss.

If you have any questions about treatment for hair loss or any of our products, we encourage you to call us directly at (844) 280-4680.

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