1. Capillus FAQ: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions


    There are some questions that pop up over and over, so, we've devoted a blog post to answering them for you.


    1.      Does it hurt to use the laser cap?

    No, it doesn’t. It’s completely painless. And now we have redesigned the cap to make it extremely comfortable.


    2.      Can I fly with my Capillus Laser Cap?

     Yes, you can. In fact, we devoted an article specifically to address that question.


    3.      Do I have to cut my hair to use your laser cap?

     No, you don’t. The laser will reach your scalp through your hair in most cases. Discuss this with us if y

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  2. Capillus Hair Care Products and Keratin Fibers Get a New Look and Name

    Capillus is excited to announce the rebranding of our clinical hair care products and keratin hair fibers product line. 

    In an effort to better reflect the company’s core products – the laser therapy caps – Capillus has rebranded the ancillary lines of products to the new brands: Cap+ and RXCap+, all of which can either be used independently or in conjunction with the FDA-cleared Capillus laser therapy caps.

    Capillus clinical hair care products will now go by the Cap+ name. The Cap+ clinical hair care products use the best ingredients that gently cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize hair for overall scalp health. 

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  3. Hormones and Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)

    Hormones are special types of molecules in the body that have the role of signaling other molecules. There are tons of different hormones that influence most body functions including metabolism, fertility, mood, sleep, and growth to name but a few.

    For most things to work properly in the body, several hormones may work together or even at odds with each other. The important point here is that hormones are in and need to stay in a delicate balance.

    So, it’s no surprise that hormones can have a significant (and devastating) effect on hair loss in women as well as men. We know that dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, is one of the main culprits behind male pattern hair loss. Even though women have much less testosterone than men, women still have some testosterone, and DHT can also be a factor in female pattern hair loss, too.

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  4. Good Hair Habits for the New Year

    If you’re thinking of making some New Year’s resolutions, a few minor things could really help you prevent hair loss and hair thinning. Here’s a short list of easy tips.

    Eat Well

    We’ve talked about how certain vitamin deficiencies can play a role in hair loss. Try to eat better. By that, we mean eat foods that are less processed—the processing strips out most of the nutrients. Eat a variety of foods. The old adage that lots of color on your plate spells more nutrition has some truth to it. If you’re very concerned about vitamin deficiencies, have your family doctor do some blood tests. And don’t forget eating pumpkin and pump

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  5. Grooming Habits to Prevent Thinning Hair

    Some grooming habits are particularly hard on your hair. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to protect your hair. Let’s take a look at easy everyday ways to protect your hair from thinning.

    Hair Style

    There is a special type of alopecia (or hair loss) called Tension Alopecia that results from pulling your hair in a certain direction. Avoiding wearing your hair tightly pulled in any direction prevents this type of hair loss. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about wearing your hair like this once—we’re talking about people who pull their hair back tightly day in and day out.

    Use a Conditioner

    Remember, hair is dead. As hair strands get older, and suffer from regular wear and tear, the outer cuticle layer of your hair starts to look frayed (under a microscope). The more worn out t

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