3 Ways to Successfully Track Your Hair Regrowth

Anyone using the Capillus laser cap is likely to already begin feeling the effects of the daily hair regrowth from low-level laser therapy (LLLT) treatment. But even if you’re feeling the effects of laser therapy, it can be beneficial to have a formal regimen that allows you to track and analyze your hair regrowth progress. It’s important to track how well your hair growth treatment is working, not only to determine the effectiveness of your Capillus laser cap, but also to discover whether are any other things you can do to make your hair regrowth even more effective. Here are some simple methods to track your hair regrowth.

1. The T-Shirt Method

A simple way to track your hair length, particularly if you have longer hair, is to use a t-shirt that you can mark up with a Sharpie. This might not work as well when measuring hair regrowth for men, but it can be effective when measuring hair regrowth for women.

Women using Capillus hair care products often use them to thicken hair to a former condition. If so, measuring the length might not be the best option. Under such circumstances, it’s best to rely on personal feel and tracking with photography.

2. Before & After Photos

One of the easiest ways to track your hair growth is to analyze progress with the help of photography. This is a great way to determine the effectiveness of your hair regrowth journey, whether you’ve been using Capillus laser therapy or the range of clinical hair care products.

While it might sound simple enough—turn your camera around and take a selfie. There are a few ways to increase the quality of your hair regrowth progress photos. First, you should take photos in the same part of your home every day. Second, take the photo at the same time of day to have the best natural lighting for your photo.

Third, take photos under the same natural conditions every time. Don’t take your photos each day after you shower, rather take them when your hair is dry. Finally, wear light-colored clothes and stand near light backgrounds when taking photos if you have darker hair, and vice versa if you have lighter colored hair.

All of these steps help provide consistency to each photo. By doing so, you’re removing variables that could make your hair appear different from photo to photo. Consistency allows you to control the environment, so you can view your hair as it is, rather than how it appears with light or dark clothing.

3. Hair Regrowth Tracking Apps

Whether you’re tracking the effectiveness of your hair growth treatment or simply observing the growth since your last haircut, there are a number of useful apps available for smartphone users.

The Hair Journal App is a favorite among iPhone users. The app works similarly to how a diary might, where you can effectively set future hair regrowth goals for yourself and regularly check if they are coming to fruition. It’s a personal hub for all of your hair health concerns, allowing you to insert dated photos that show the length of your hair over time.

Tracking hair regrowth doesn’t have to be a struggle. In reality, it should be relatively easy and accessible to anyone attempting to do it. With a little preparation, you can effectively track your hair growth and begin seeing the results in due time. If you have any questions regarding laser hair growth treatment options, feel free to reach out to our customer care team at the Capillus HQ.

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