Capillus Physician Dr. Yates Names 4 Best Science-Based Hair Loss Treatments

Capillus Physician Dr. Yates Names 4 Best Science-Based Hair Loss Treatments

When it comes to treating hair loss, there is no shortage of companies claiming to have the secret to fuller and thicker looking hair. From vitamin supplements to messy topical foams, pharmacies and websites are well stocked with products that often times over-promise and under-deliver. According to Capillus physician, Dr. Yates, hair loss sufferers are wise to choose a treatment that is backed by scientific research.

Those options include:

  1. Rogaine® (Minoxidil)
  2. Propecia® (Finasteride)
  3. PRP
  4. Low-Level Laser Therapy

"If you turn on the TV or look in a magazine, there are a bazillion products out there that will supposedly grow your hair," Dr. Yates states in an interview published by Business Insider. "But the fact remains those are probably the only four things that I know of that have some scientific basis."

One thing each of these hair loss treatments has in common is a focus on the hair follicle. Whereas keratin shampoos and hair growth supplements are marketed as “nourishing” to the hair itself, these 4 treatment options focus on helping hair follicles support a natural growth cycle. That’s a better approach, since hair cannot grow if a follicle becomes damaged, goes dormant, or otherwise stops producing hair. When choosing among the 4 options listed by Dr. Yates, many patients find laser therapy to be the most convenient. Whereas Rogaine® foam requires twice daily application (directly to the scalp) and Propecia® has been outted for long term sexual side effects among some of the men who take it, laser therapy provides a simpler solution that is safe, proven, and effective. In clinical trials, patients using Capillus® laser technology saw a 51% increase in hair count, without tedious Rogaine® applications or the risk of side effects (source:

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