Capillus Physician Spotlight: Dr. William Yates

Dr. Yates has been practicing hair restoration procedures for the past 10 years. As a board certified physician, Dr. Yates tailors his treatment recommendations to cater toward each patient’s needs on an individualized level. With over a thousand procedures on his professional resume, patients can rest assured Dr. Yates will walk them through the hair restoration process with care, attentiveness, and support. Hair loss is a worldwide issue, which is why Dr. Yates extends his services to those in the Chicagoland area and beyond, by offering travel concierge to help with airline bookings, procedures, and follow-up care. The entire experience can be customized based on your lifestyle and needs. One of the biggest focuses of Dr. Yates that sets him apart from other hair restorative experts is his hands-on mindset. Dr. Yates doesn’t delegate any portion of his procedures to assistants or technicians; instead, he extracts the hair himself to obtain the highest quality grafts and ensure positive results. Dr. Yates feels that this is a pertinent aspect of the hair restoration process, and thus should only be completed by a skilled physician such as himself. Dr. Yates also has first-hand experience with hair loss. As a patient himself, he tests all of his practices on himself before offering them to his patients. His focus is solely on hair loss, allowing him to refine best practices associated with hair restoration. Aside from his hefty hair restoration surgery resume, Dr. Yates is also a provider of laser therapy caps for hair loss. He recognizes Capillus272 Pro as a premier product for both stand-alone and complementary treatment for hair loss. Dr. Yates received his BA in Medical Science and MD from Northwestern University in 1983 and 1985, respectively. He holds medical memberships to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Fellow American College of Surgeons, and American Medical Society. As an author of various hair transplant textbooks and journals, Dr. Yates is an extremely qualified and renowned surgeon in his field.

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