Capillus vs. HairMax

Capillus vs. HairMax

Numerous people all around the world have hair loss, which is a natural occurrence. The unfortunate reality is that hair loss is unsightly and embarrassing. It often leaves people feeling insecure and unattractive.

The market for hair regrowth products is rapidly expanding to be huge because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products on the market that promise those who battle with hair loss amazing outcomes. One of the newest developments in this sector is laser caps, such as our own Capillus. But we're not the only ones working to help people recover their hair's thickness.

At Capillus, we think it's important to encourage competition among small companies creating at-home low-level laser therapy options. After all, competition encourages innovation and progress wherever it exists.

In the spirit of friendly rivalry, we've begun a series of comparison analyses in which we unbiasedly evaluate the goods of our competitors and compare them with our own collection of laser hats. In this post, we'll discuss the rival brand HairMax and examine how it stacks up against Capillus, our own. 

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Works

You have little choice but to look for a remedy or treatment alternative if going bald isn't really something you want to experience. Currently, there are many various treatments available for hair loss, and low-level laser therapy is unquestionably proving to be one of the more successful at-home solutions. But how does it operate? 

Low-level laser therapy equipment uses laser diodes to provide red light energy straight to the scalp. Following this stimulation of the hair follicles, this energy improves blood flow and boosts cellular activity. After that, the whole process boosts metabolic activity and ATP synthesis, which leads to the renewal of thick and healthy hair. 

In short, low-level laser therapy helps to improve and renew hair growth by accelerating a natural process. It is also FDA-approved.

Capillus and HairMax Device Options

Both of these brands include a broad array of different products. In the case of the low-level laser therapy itself, Capillus focuses mainly on the laser caps. HairMax, on the other hand, has chosen to expand into a larger array of different product types and also produces laser bands and laser combs.

To facilitate an easy comparison, we will mainly focus on the laser caps while doing this comparison. 

In the case of HairMax, the PowerFlex 272 Laser Cap is the most comprehensive product. It features 272 laser diodes. As far as Capillus is concerned, their most significant product is the Capillus Pro S1. It features 304 medical-grade laser diodes.

Both of these brands have a similar sports cap design, so you can use them wherever you're at. No one will even know that you're using a hair growth restoration product. 

Treatment Time

One significant difference between these two brands is the amount of time it takes to use the products. The HairMax products require you to use them for 15 to 30 minutes three times a week. This means that, in total, you need to use the products for 45 to 90 minutes weekly.

The cabinet's products, by comparison, require the use of 6 minutes every day. This means that in total, you'd only use it for 42 minutes a week. 

While this may not seem like such a significant difference, it can make a huge difference if you have a hectic schedule.

According to studies, HairMax products measure results in under three months. Most patients report seeing results from using Capillus products between 2 and 4 months.

Comfort and Portability

Capillus products are fairly comfortable, especially considering their non-descript sports cap design. You can easily wear them while you're out and about, and no one will be any the wiser. Their small size makes them incredibly portable, meaning you can take them anywhere.

HairMax products, on the other hand, come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. The laser caps themselves are also incredibly compact, making them highly portable. As with Capillus, the HairMax caps function the same way as normal caps. 

This means that both brands have a highly comfortable design that you can easily take wherever you go.


HairMax products come with a one-year factory warranty. Capillus products may come with anything from a one-year limited warranty to a three-year limited warranty. The most advanced product, mentioned above, has a three-year limited warranty.

This means that, depending on the product, Capillus generally offers more comprehensive warranties than HairMax. 

Other Products for Healthy Hair Growth

Both of these companies produce a range of products beyond laser hair growth caps.

Some of the products that both companies produce include the following:

  • Laser caps
  • Hair supplements
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Additional hair treatments

HairMax has a far broader array of products, including options like the following:

  • Laserbands and laser combs
  • Hair-building fibers and fiber applicators
  • Paddle brushes

Clinical Studies, Results, and FDA Clearance

You need a gold standard when comparing the many low-level laser therapy devices on the market. FDA clearance serves as the highest standard for these kinds of items.

Products from Capillus and HairMax have both received FDA approval. They satisfy the exacting performance and safety standards established by the regulatory association. Several clinical studies have been published in prestigious and highly regarded scientific journals to support this clearance.

According to studies, both brands effectively promote hair growth.

To Wrap Up

When comparing Capillus Vs. Hairmax, it's important to note that there are many differences and similarities between the two brands.

In terms of diversity, Capillus takes the lead where laser caps specifically are concerned. However, in terms of other laser devices and additional treatments, HairMax is the clear leader.

Both of these brands have FDA clearance for their products and have shown proven results in treating hair loss. However, Capillus is the clear leader in terms of warranties (offering a three-year limited warranty rather than the one-year factory warranty offered by HairMax).

When it comes down to it, low-level light therapy is a proven technique for treating hair loss. Both Capillus and Hairmax offer excellent advantages in this field.

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