Capillus vs. Illumiflow

Capillus vs. Illumiflow

Hair loss is a natural process that affects thousands of people around the globe. Unfortunately, it's also an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that can leave you feeling insecure and unattractive.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of products available that promise spectacular results to people who deal with hair loss, the hair regrowth market is quickly growing to be very large. In this market area, laser caps for hair growth, like our own Capillus, have emerged as one of the newest trends. However, we're not the only ones trying to assist people in regaining the thickness of their hair.

At Capillus, we believe in fostering competition between small businesses developing in-home low-level laser therapy solutions. After all, where there's competition, it fosters innovation and growth.

We've started a series of comparative evaluations where we objectively assess the products of our rivals and contrast them with our own selection of laser hats in the spirit of friendly competition. In this article, we'll be highlighting Illumiflow (a competing brand) and exploring how it compares to our own brand, Capillus. 

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Works

If baldness isn't really something you're interested in experiencing, then you have little choice other than to seek a solution or treatment option. There are many different hair loss treatment options on the market right now, and low-level laser therapy is definitely proving to be one of the more effective at-home options. But how does it work? 

Low-level laser therapy devices deliver red light energy directly to the scalp by using laser diodes. This energy subsequently stimulates the hair follicles, enhancing blood flow and increasing cellular activity. The entire process then increases metabolic activity and ATP synthesis, which ultimately results in the renewal of hair that is fuller, thicker, and healthier than before. 

The short version is that low-level laser therapy is one of the few clinically proven techniques that are cleared by the FDA. 

Capillus and Illumiflow Device Options

Capillus and Illumiflow both offer a wide variety of products that help treat hair loss through low-level laser therapy. In terms of sheer numbers, Capillus is clearly the leader. We boast nine different products in the laser cap category compared to the six products at Illumiflow.

When it comes to the number of diodes, Illumiflow offers less diversity. Their products are available with either 148 or 272 diodes. Capillus has a wider range of options. The Capillus FOCAL series has 84 laser diodes, and the Capillus ONE, PLUS, and PRO series each have 112, 202, and 272 laser diodes.

The ONE, PLUS, and PRO series also come in an "S" version. The S version has incorporated Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easier to monitor your sessions. 

In terms of design, both brands are incredibly similar. They focus on a sports cap-type design, allowing you to use your laser cap anywhere without drawing undue attention. 

Treatment Time

There are significant differences between the treatment times for these two brands' products. When you use the Illumiflow products, you need to apply the product for 30 minutes at a time, three times a week.

When you use Capillus products, you will need to use them for six minutes daily. This is a significant reduction in time. Illumiflow devices require 90 minutes a week, while Capillus products require only 42 minutes a week.

Comfort and Portability

When comparing Capillus vs. Illumiflow, you'll soon find that both of these brands create incredibly portable devices. You'll also find that they're fairly similar in terms of comfort. Both brands are designed using a sports cap design so that they'll be as comfortable as possible.

You'll find that both designs can be worn comfortably inside and outside your home without anyone being any the wiser. Both brands also have a lightweight design that makes them incredibly portable. 


Illumiflow offers a three-year limited warranty. 

Depending on the product in question, Capillus products have a limited warranty that lasts for between one and three years.

If you take the top-performing product, the Capillus PRO S1™ Laser Cap, it has a three-year limited warranty. By comparison, Illumiflow's top-performing product, the 272 Laser Cap PRO MAX, has a similar warranty.

Other Products for Healthy Hair Growth

Both of these companies produce an additional array of products to help you with the battle for regaining a head full of hair. 

Illumiflow produces a range of hair-growth vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, and even hair-growth collagen products. Capillus also stocks a range of different products along this vein, including vitamins, activators, shampoos, and conditioners.

Both companies specialize in creating products using natural ingredients. This allows you to give your hair the care it deserves.

Clinical Studies, Results, and FDA Clearance

When you're combing through all the available low-level laser therapy products on the market, you need a gold standard. In the case of these types of products, that gold standard is FDA clearance.

Both Capillus and Illumiflow products are cleared by the FDA. They meet the stringent safety and performance requirements set by the regulatory association. In support of this clearance, multiple clinical studies have been published in high-ranking and esteemed scientific journals.

Studies have shown that both brands have effective results on hair growth.

To Wrap Up

When comparing Capillus vs Illumiflow products, there is a fair array of differences but also several similarities. In terms of similarity, they have very similar design and comfort attributes. 

You will likely also discover that they are incredibly similar in terms of Led numbers. However, it is well worth noting that Capillus products generally have a wider array of possible diode configurations. Illumiflow products, on the other hand, only come with two possible diode configurations.

The warranties offered are also similar, with both companies offering a three-year limited warranty for their top-ranking products. The final major difference between the two brands is that Capillus products require less time spent every week when compared to Illumiflow.

The science behind low-level laser therapy is indisputable, And both of these companies make use of this technology to provide top-tier products. 

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