Develop Healthy Habits While You Grow Your Hair

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What can 6 minutes do for you?

Living with female pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness is far from being easy to resolve. From dubious potions, tedious medicines, injections and even surgery, the options are not exactly “comfortable.” At least, that was the case until a few years ago. The emergence of a technology known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for hair loss, which can help you grow sexy, luscious hair!

Here at Capillus, comfort is EVERYTHING. That’s why we designed our laser therapy cap with soft silicone, a portable battery and only a 6-minute treatment cycle. In tech, simplicity and ease are KEY to make the most out of your treatments.

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Our Capillus caps work from the inside out, so results start to show somewhere around the three to six months when used daily for 6 minutes. At this point in the LLLT treatment hair should not be shedding as much and hair will be slightly fuller in the area where you originally noticed thinning.

Adding this treatment to your lifestyle means you have a chance to develop and cultivate new habits that contribute to wellness in these same six minutes, and the opportunities are endless!

The following tips will ensure you are taking your multitasking to the MAX! Developing mindfulness of your wellbeing while you regrow your hair is not only doable but will also increase your productivity and, most importantly, mental health.

  1. Identify Your Habits

EVERYONE can benefit from 6 minutes of introspection per day. Instant gratification and a rushed lifestyle full of distractions can be challenging when assessing your quality of life. However, when you have a few minutes every day, you can take the time to pause, evaluate, and address the habits in your life that you can change for the better. While you identify what you are doing right, you can also take the time to write out any of the unhealthy choices that you want to change. Once you know which behaviors are holding you back, you can set healthier goals and apply those changes in your future routine!

2. Build a Healthy Mind

Fill your new and improved schedule with healthy activities like podcasts, mindfulness meditation, or spending time with friends and family. There are dozens of different apps that target your mind, whether to stimulate it or silence the noise in your mind. Lumosity is one of the most popular testing your brain with challenges and logical thinking. These types of short daily exercises can improve memory, concentration and reduce anxiety. On a different but equally valuable note, meditation apps come in all shapes and sizes and also require daily use (like our cap) to build on daily!

3. Read or Listen to What Brings You Joy

Find new sources of support & discover new minutes to spend your time doing something that heightens your source of happiness. It seems like something basic, but how many times a year do you actually ask yourself, What makes me happy? Try a new hobby you have always wanted to do, sample an innovative product, or take a short trip to a new destination. You know what makes you smile, keeps you inspired or motivated, so take these few minutes to address your heart’s desire. Explore your favorite music, learn something with a podcast, practice those salsa steps, or spend a few minutes falling into your favorite Pinterest hole.

4. Reward Your Consistency

It is not easy to make changes to your lifestyle or schedule. Be patient with yourself and know that setbacks do happen. Stay focused on your short-term and long-term goals, knowing that the important thing is to make progress. Reward yourself when you achieve a milestone. Just make sure that the accolade is beneficial to your health and wellness.

5. Maximize Your Treatment

Since one of your main goals is to grow thicker, healthier hair, we’re here to guide you on several things you can do along with using your laser therapy cap daily to increase the odds. While you do not need to use any other products in combination with your Capillus® laser cap, we do recommend a few products that work well when paired with it. Our Capillus® CAP+ Clinical Hair Care Bundle provides you with clinical hair therapy products. Ingredients gently cleanse and moisturize hair while exfoliating the scalp for better hair health, and you can get them now with a special 15% OFF!

Capillus laser therapy can be financed for those who qualify. Learn more about financing a Capillus cap here.

If you are worried about hair loss, don't wait until it is too late. Learn more about Capillus laser therapy caps, click here.

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