Do Laser Caps Really Work?

Laser caps are designed to nourish hair follicles with low level laser energy, a special spectrum of laser light that is both cool-to-the-touch and non-destructive. This type of cold laser light does not ablate or destroy tissue. Rather, it gently permeates throughout the cell, inducing a series of chemical reactions that produce energy. This process is called phototherapy, and it is the main mechanism through which physicians believe level laser therapy (LLLT) reverses the signs of hair loss. But how can you be certain that you are choosing a LLLT hair loss product that is safe, proven, and effective? To answer this question, we take a closer look at the science, professional opinion, and clinical trials behind laser cap/hat technologies.

The Science Behind Hair Loss Laser Caps

The Root of the Problem. There are a number of factors that influence male and female hair loss, but each has a common underlying factor: Poor hair follicle health. Hair loss occurs when hair follicles “shut down” and become unable to sustain a natural growth cycle. This process happens in a progressive fashion, resulting pattern baldness (in men), or more evenly distributed thinning and balding across the entire scalp (in women). Delivering a Wakeup Call. Many physicians credit the efficacy of LLLT for hair loss to its ability to nourish the derma papilla (DP), a small cluster of cells found at the base of the hair follicle that is believed to engineer and maintain hair growth. Through LLLT, hair loss professionals believe the DP can be restored to a healthy state in which normal hair growth is resumed. With ongoing LLLT, many men and women have been able to reverse the signs of hair loss, without the need for surgery or medications.

Is There Evidence That Proves Laser Caps Work?

A growing body of research indicates that laser cap/hat technologies can not only stop hair from falling out, but also nourish hair follicles in a way that encourages new hair growth. Commenting on the Capillus272™, a leading LLLT cap that has recently been cleared by the FDA for treatment of androgenic alopecia in men and women, Capillus Medical Director, Dr. Shelly Friedman explains: “The Capillus272 Pro laser cap is very successful in converting fine, vellus hairs to normal growing hairs. Our premarketing study for FDA clearance revealed a 51% increase in terminal (growing) hair counts over the placebo device.”

Finding a Product That’s Right for You

There are a variety of products that say they will regrow your hair, but not all laser caps and hats deliver on that promise. Here are a few tips to separate the fact from fiction: 1. Research the product to see if it is back by clinical trials. The first question to ask about a hair loss laser cap: Does it work? If a manufacturer claims the product has been “clinically tested” or “clinically proven,” the trials must be registered and made available to the public in order to comply with the Safe Medical Device Act of 1996. To learn more, visit and search for the product to read about actual trials and results. 2. Verify FDA clearance to ensure personal safety and efficacy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides clearance for certain medical products that are “at least as safe and effective” as they are marketed to be. To ensure safety and efficacy, patients are urged to select a laser cap that has received FDA clearance for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women. What To Do: Look for a laser cap product that has FDA clearance. Then, ask the manufacturer for the product’s K number. If they do not have one, the product has not been submitted for FDA clearance. If they do have one, however, it does not necessarily mean the product has been cleared. To verify clearance, patients must visit the FDA online and enter the K number in the FDA database to search and verify the status of the filing. 3. Choose a product that is offered through physicians only. Only a physician can provide the personalized diagnosis and treatment recommendation needed to safely and effectively reverse the signs of hair loss. To learn more, find a licensed Capillus physician near you.

Learn More About Laser Caps by Capillus™

At Capillus, we’re all about hair. To learn more about our LLLT laser cap products, including the Capillus272™, please call 1-888-272-9599. Capillus272™ Receives FDA Clearance. We are pleased to announce that the Capillus272 Pro has received clearance from the FDA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women! Visit this page for more information.

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