Introducing the Capillus82™

For years, laser hair restoration has become a leading tool for men and women suffering from hair loss. Also known as low lever laser therapy (LLLT), this treatment method is a non-invasive solution for thinning or shedding locks. LLLT is especially beneficial for those who aren’t candidates for hair transplant surgery due to the diffuseness of their hair loss, or for women who can’t take prescription hair loss pills because of the potential negative side effects. Even those undergoing other treatments may expedite their results with the use of LLLT caps and combs by using it in conjunction with their current treatments. Given the widespread positive feedback and results from LLLT products, we are excited to announce a new product to join our family of laser therapy caps: the Capillus82!

What is the Capillus82™?

The Capillus82 is a flexible dome insert and fits within virtually any hair covering, but works best under hats. You can sport your favorite baseball hat or a stylish sun hat while discreetly receiving laser hair treatment – no matter where you are throughout the day. It’s also battery operated, just like the Capillus272 Pro, allowing you to roam freely and go about your daily tasks without being tied to an in-office or outlet powered device. The Capillus82 encompasses just 82 lasers total, which is less than the Capillus272 laser count. Although we’ve cut the number of lasers in half, 82 diodes provide ample coverage to produce excellent results. Patients can receive strong laser treatment with far less when using the Capillus82. And, just $799, Capillus82 is a great option for those on a budget who still want to proceed with a proven hair restoration method.

Compare to iGrow, Theradome, and LaserComb

Benefits of Using the Capillus82

Hair loss often causes anxiety, depression, and self confidence issues, especially among women who fear losing their “crown jewel,” (i). Unlike other products that resemble large plastic helmets, onlookers won’t realize you are receiving laser hair therapy while wearing Capillus82. Hair loss can take a psychological toll—at Capillus, we believe treatment should alleviate those negative emotions, not add to them. Our discreet design allows patients to feel comfortable and confident in the hair restoration procedure, rather than ashamed. Further, the Capillus82 is a mobile product. It’s battery operated design means you can receive treatment at the grocery store, the shopping mall, or even at work. You don’t have to carve out extra time in your day to apply messy topical foams that require extensive clean up, or make an appointment to visit your restoration expert’s office on a regular basis. Instead, your independence is left intact as you continue on the journey toward a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Learn More About Capillus82

For more information, visit the following page to learn more about the Capillus82 laser therapy cap. To learn more about Capillus82, visit this page or contact us online or call 1-888-272-9599. Sources (i) The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Women. URL:

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