Signs of Female Hair Loss [Free Infographic]

It’s estimated that hair loss affects nearly 30 million women in the United States alone. When it happens, it can be very difficult to detect. Female hair loss has a tendency to affect the entire scalp at once, causing thinning that is spread out and hard to see. To make matters worse, hair loss gets more difficult to treat over time. Know the signs, and understand the treatment options that are available for women who experience with thinning, shedding, or Telogen effluvium (stress induced hair loss). With today’s advancements in hair loss treatment, there’s never been an easier time to create a beautiful, healthy head of natural hair!

Infographic: Recognizing the Signs of Female Hair Loss

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Capillus®: We’re All About Hair

Laser therapy is quickly becoming the most popular option for treating female hair loss. No prescription pills, and no messy topical foams—laser therapy is administered directly to the scalp, encouraging the blood flow and phototherapy necessary for hair follicles to flourish naturally. These lasers are FDA cleared and cool-to-the-touch, delivering safe and effective hair loss treatment that can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. To learn more about Capillus® laser therapy, visit our laser cap online store or call Capillus customer service at 1 (877) 384-0058.

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