What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends are among the most common hair complaints. They’re also one of the most popular reasons to get a haircut. If you don’t want to keep trimming your hair or worrying about your look, there are simple and convenient solutions available to you. First, it’s important to know what causes split ends. Once you’re doing all that you can to avoid hair problems at home, you can also begin using the right products to prevent them.

Common Causes of Split Ends

So, what causes split ends? According to Healthline, split ends occur when your hair becomes too dry or brittle. For example, you may notice more breakage happens during the winter when the air is colder and drier than usual. Over time, the use of some types of hair products can also lead to damage.

Hot tools such as straighteners and blow dryers may dry your hair shaft out and lead to split ends. Coloring or chemical treatments at the hair salon, as well as regular wear and tear from washing, can cause them to occur or happen faster. Your chances of having split ends increase when you have longer hair since the grown-out tips are the oldest parts of the hair shaft.

How to Prevent Split Ends

By preventing split ends before they happen, you won’t have to cut your long hair. You’ll also be able to enjoy your hairstyle longer. The beauty experts at Cosmopolitan recommend several everyday solutions for preventing split ends. One of the simplest and most effective things you can do is brush your hair more gently. If you use a dryer, curling iron, or straightener or a regular basis, try to use it on a lower setting. You may find you can get the same look without as much power.

You may also try using your hot tools less often. It may be as easy as learning a few quick and easy updos or swapping your straightener for hair products. Light and fluffy mousse can help define wavy hair or accent luscious curls. Smoothing balms and gels help tame frizzes and flyways, while a leave-in conditioner can make an excellent foundation for a simple bun. Prolong your stylish blowout with a dry shampoo, which cleans your roots without touching your delicate ends.

While you make these simple adjustments to your hair routine, you can also try a few new products. Our line of hair therapy solutions is specially designed to promote hair health and avoid common beauty challenges such as breakage, damage, and hair loss. They’re also helpful for combating the effects of female hair loss while enhancing your look and increasing your confidence.

Create Your New Hair Regimen

Now that you know more about avoiding split ends, you can create a new and more informed beauty routine. Our Cap+® Hair Care Products for overall scalp health are a helpful and convenient way to help prevent hair loss and encourage the regrowth of hair, no matter when a degree of damage or hair loss begins. To get the most benefit, we recommend our clinical hair therapy bundle, which includes our signature shampoo, conditioner, revitalizer, and activator regimen.

You’ll start with our shampoo, which works to exfoliate the scalp and remove the buildup of environmental pollutants, styling products, and excess oils. Its lower pH purifying formula also keeps the moisture and shine without stripping away essential oils. Next, you’ll use our clinical hair therapy conditioner, which enriches hair, retains moisture, and keeps hair shiny. Best of all, your strands will be more bouncy and manageable without looking weighed down.

Once you’re done with your in-shower routine, move on to the revitalizer and activator. Our CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Revitalizer removes excess buildup and exfoliates your scalp. Finally, the CAP+ Clinical Hair Therapy Activator stimulates follicles and fortifies the scalp to promote the most hair growth possible.


Purchase one product or the entire bundle. While targeting all the most important aspects of healthy hair growth, the bundle of products will also provide you with the most savings. Caring for your hair on all possible levels will help you to stimulate hair growth lost to washing or styling hair. Moisturized and protected strands will also help to prevent split ends in the future.

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