Which Capillus Laser Cap Is Right for Me & My Hair?

You may have noticed a recent increase in hair loss, and this might be leading to increased stress. Whether it’s more hair appearing in the teeth of your hairbrush or collecting on top of your shower drain, increased hair loss can be worrisome. Along with questioning how, and when, this hair loss started, your head might be overrun with thoughts of how to remediate this.

Once you’ve started to notice hair loss, it may feel like you’ve already run out of options. Truthfully, this might not be the case. If your hair loss and thinning are caused by factors such as stress or diet, lifestyle changes can help to slow and reduce hair loss over time. Genetic hair loss, often called androgenetic alopecia, also known as male- and female-pattern baldness, sounds like it might be more difficult to manage, but there are scientifically trusted methods to manage and treat hair loss.

At Capillus, our FDA-cleared, USA-Made hair caps have been designed to clinically restore hair, all while contained in an inconspicuous treatment device. Relying on low-level laser therapy (LLLT), our in-home hair treatment caps effectively help treat genetic hair loss, all with a simple solution. Third-party clinical studies have found that the usage of the CapillusPro LLLT caps have reduced hair loss in 100% of active study participants, with an average of 51% of people seeing an increase in hair regrowth when staying consistent with treatment. These results are exciting for people looking for a treatment to their genetic hair loss, as this safe and effective treatment method can produce positive results for anyone struggling with androgenetic alopecia.

Our laser caps can clinically help prevent the progression of hair loss while re-growing your thinning hair. Designed in the style of a baseball cap, this hat is both comfortable and easy to wear and with a slim, ergonomic battery pack, this treatment device is made to be mobile, ensuring that your hair treatment isn’t held up when you’re preparing your morning coffee or putting the kids to bed at night. For just six minutes every day, you can wear one of our three laser-treatment caps and begin slowing and reversing your hair loss. Understanding which of the Capillus Laser Caps is right for you might seem like a difficult question to answer—but, with a little insight, you can better understand which fits your needs.


Now available without a physician’s prescription, the CapillusUltra model is our most value-priced device available within our laser cap line. Featuring 82 laser hair regrowth diodes, this cap is a wonderful entry item for people who have started noticing hair loss and want a hair treatment device that provides greater scalp coverage than similarly priced treatment methods such as combs and helmets. If you’re just beginning treatment during the earlier stages of hair loss progression, the CapillusUltra may help stop and reverse all current thinning.


Featuring a new, flexible-fit design, the CapillusPlus is a step up from the CapillusPro, featuring 202 laser diodes—2.5 times more lasers than the CapillusUltra. With greater scalp coverage, your thinning hair will receive more treatment per-square-inch, all while still being affordable.

While we recommend starting hair treatment at the very first signs of genetic hair loss, the CapillusPlus offers users a hair therapy method that is designed to effectively treat stages of hair loss. Results won’t be immediate, but, by setting aside therapy time each day, you can take back control over your hair.


The CapillusPro is our premier LLLT hair treatment cap. Featuring 272 laser hair regrowth diodes, this cap is designed to provide you with the greatest scalp coverage when treating androgenetic alopecia. When noticed early on, this cap can be used to treat thinning hair and hair loss, helping to reverse the effects of genetic hair loss while improving the quality of your hair to a much richer, fuller state.

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss and have been looking for a solution, one of our three laser caps might be able to help. If you’d like to learn more about how such treatment can help, consider reaching out to one of our hair restoration experts or discussing our treatment options with your physician. You can be on the way to thicker, fuller hair in no time.

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