Will a Laser Cap Fix Your Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is often the first visible sign that hair loss has started. Both men and women may experience thinning along the front and sides of the scalp, both of which are highly visible regions that play a big role in framing facial features and personal expressions. Topical foams, prescription medications, hair transplant surgery, and laser hair restoration are all options that patients may consider to help create a thicker, younger looking hairline.

LLLT, Laser Caps, and Receding Hairlines

So, will a laser cap fix your receding hairline? To answer that question, it’s helpful to first understand the science of low level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT is the technology behind the rapid popularity of laser caps like Capillus82™, Capillus202™, and Capillus272™ Pro. This unique type of light therapy uses safe, cool-to-the-touch laser light to induce phototherapy on the cellular level. Phototherapy is thought to increase blood flow and hair vitality in many patients, with clinical trials for Capillus™ LLLT technology delivering an average 51% increase in hair counts compared to a placebo device. It is important to note each patient represents a unique case. Although laser therapy with Capillus® has been clinically proven, patients are encouraged to consult a hair loss professional prior to the start of any hair treatment regimen. To find an authorized Capillus® reseller near you, readers are invited to visit our Capillus Physician Finder online.

Finding the Right Laser Therapy Product

Patients must consider the mode of use, laser count, and overall coverage in order to find the perfect laser therapy cap. These characteristics are particularly important to consider when comparing laser caps for receding hairline treatment. Mode of use. All laser caps are wearable, which is a very convenient mode of use. By contrast, older laser combs were handheld devices that required ongoing combing in order to have an effect on hair. With new laser caps, an ergonomic fitting cap delivers an easier user experience that can be enjoyed more regularly. Laser Count. Next, consider the total number of lasers in the device. For example, the Capillus272 Pro has 272 individual laser diodes—the most of any laser cap available. Many physicians recommend laser caps with a high number of laser diodes to ensure effective and even coverage of the scalp (see below). Overall coverage.Finally, take notices of how the laser diodes are positioned within the laser cap. Are they located from front to back and side-to-side, ensuring full and even coverage of the hairline and scalp?

Hairline Treatment with Capillus®

To learn more about the Capillus family of laser caps, visit our online store or call Capillus Customer Service at 1-888-272-9599.

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