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  • Is There A Connection Between Hair loss and Hair Coloring?

    Changing hair color is more than just hiding the gray or a hair loss treatment for women. It’s about changing your appearance, your identity. The right color can bring out your inner sexiness, increase your confidence and improve your mood. In essence, simply changing the color of your hair gives you the ability to try on a new personality –become a new person in...
  • Laser Hair Loss Products Rise in Popularity Among Men and Women

    Laser hair therapy is a special treatment protocol designed to help men and women of all ages grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. Under the guidance of a physician, laser hair therapy has also proved to be an effective non-surgical treatment for androgenic alopecia, or hair loss. That’s great news for men and women of all ages, as hair loss is a pervasive medical...
  • Keratin Fiber Hair: A Hair Loss Alternative For Men and Women

    If you have recently noticed thinning hair, you may be wondering what is causing hair loss - and looking for a hair loss treatment. Unfortunately losing hair can be caused by a number of reasons - some treatable and some not. These reasons can include illness, hormonal changes, medication, genetics and age. Regardless of the reason causing your thinning hair, you are probably looking...
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