Male Hair Loss: 5 Myths About Losing Your Hair

Male Hair Loss: 5 Myths About Losing Your Hair

Beautiful business woman with question mark above the head looking up on grey background Perhaps nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of young men than the fear of losing their hair. Let’s face it, when it comes to hair, men are attached to theirs (and yes, that pun was intended). I think most men will tell you they don’t expect to see signs of a receding hairline or thinning hair when they’re in their early 30’s. Where there are any signs of male hair loss, thinning, balding or otherwise, there are bound to questions, concerns, and plenty of myths. Today, we’re sorting the facts from the fabricated. See How Many You Answer Correctly

Myth #1

True or false – Male baldness is determined by your mother’s side of the family?If your maternal grandfather was bald, so will you be. False. Although there is a genetic link to family male patterned baldness, the chromosome for baldness can come from either parent. The gene for baldness is dominant. This means you only need one gene, from one parent, to have the trait. And while most people think of thinning or balding patterns to be a male trait, women can also inherit the gene. Although women patterned baldness shows up differently in women than male patterned baldness in men, both types can be hereditary.

Myth #2

True or false - Using conditioner can facilitate hair loss because it softens the hair making it looser at the root?False. Maybe it’s because we see our hair around the drain in the shower that makes us think shampoos and conditioners contribute to hair loss. Treatment for men is not found by washing your hair less. The truth is clean hair looks thicker. Dirty, greasy hair lies flat and sticks together making it look like your hair is thinning. Blow drying your hair with very hot heat or rough towel drying can damage hair by breaking it. If you can, let your hair dry naturally or pat it dry gently to prevent breakage.

Myth #3

True or false – You can prevent thinning hair by taking a cold shower?False. Sometimes an idea seems logical when in fact it is not. Taking a cold shower is one of them. While it may help improve circulation, the truth is there's not much scientific information on the benefits of cold showers in medical literature. Of the research that does exist, taking cold showers has not been linked to hair growth or preventing thinning or balding hair.

Myth #4

True or false – Too much stress on the body can cause your hair to fall out?True. Too much stress on the body such as the kind caused by illness, chronic worrying, or an allergic reaction to medication, can cause your hair to fall out. The good news is this type of hair loss should only be a temporary, and once the event has passed, your hair should start growing again.

Myth #5

True or false – There is nothing you can do to prevent or treat male hair loss? False. Once upon a time men relied on old wives tales to treat thinning or balding hair to no avail. Today, with the advances in the science, men and women have many treatment options available to them including over-the-counter, prescription, laser, and surgical treatments. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hair loss. Recognizing them and learning the truth can help you make an informed decision in treating hair loss. Call Capillus for more information at (786) 888 6249 or call us Toll-Free at 1 (888) 272-9599.

October 11, 2015