Hair Loss: Is the Sun Damaging Your Hair?

If you’re like most people, warmer weather calls for outdoor fun and activities, whether it's sports such as golf, boating, or swimming; backyard parties and barbeques, or lazy days at the beach. And like most of us, you probably put sunscreen on your face, arms, legs, chest, and back. But what about your head? If you have hair on your head, you may think that your hair acts as a shield against the sun…right? Wrong! Protecting your hair and scalp from sun damage, especially with laser caps for hair growth, is just as important as protecting the rest of your skin. Not only does the sun pose risks including sunburn and skin cancer, but it can also damage the hair follicles on your head.

How the Sun Damages Your Hair and Scalp

While the sun may not cause hair loss or thinning hair, it can cause damage to your hair and scalp. When your hair has sun damage it loses the protective oils that prevent cellular structure damage. Damaged hair looks and feels dry and brittle, as well as easily breaks. Sun damage can also have an impact on thinning hair by triggering the production of the compound superoxide, which can cause hair follicles to move from the growth part of the cycle to the shedding part. This is why people often feel that once their scalp was burned they experienced hair loss. In reality it was the hair growth cycle that was temporarily interrupted. Your scalp is just as likely to get burned as any other area of skin. This is especially noticeable if you are balding, have thinning hair, or hair that is shaved close to the head (i.e., crew cut). It can take less than 15 minutes for the sun to damage unprotected skin.

How to Protect Your Hair From the Sun

It is important to protect your hair every time you go out into the sun. A hat is the best form of protection for your hair and scalp, particularly if you are going to be spending a large amount of time in the sun. If you truly can’t stand wearing hats, there are transparent SPF sprays which are easy to apply to the scalp and provide better coverage than many creams on the market. We recommend you use products which contain UV filters to protect your hair on a daily basis. If you have noticed signs of sun damage including thinning hair or if you are interested in learning more about hair loss, regrowth treatment, and product options, or would like to consult with a Capillus specialist in your area click here or call Capillus for more information at (786) 888-6249 or Toll-Free at 1 (888) 272-9599.

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