Can Depression Cause Hair Loss?

Can Depression Cause Hair Loss? One question that we receive regularly is can depression cause hair loss? We know that there is a relationship between depression and hair loss, but hair loss can also cause depression. So, is the depression causing the hair loss or is the hair loss causing depression?

Stress does appear to contribute to hair loss. And we know that hormonal changes and imbalances can contribute to hair loss. Also, people that are depressed tend to neglect their physical health and don’t eat as well or exercise.

We know, for sure, that not enough calories, not enough protein, and/or not enough vitamins and trace minerals contribute to hair loss.

So, when you add that all up, depression probably contributes to hair loss, but it’s also probably not black and white.

Hair loss is usually a complicated interplay of genetics and environment. Someone may have a predisposition to hair loss, and then the environment turns on and off different genes that play a role.

If you are depressed, we would recommend that you see your family doctor. And if you’re worried about hair loss, the same things that can mitigate depression can mitigate the risk of hair loss.

We would suggest trying to eat well, a variety of colorful, healthy, unprocessed foods, so you’re getting not just enough calories, but enough vitamins and protein. Try to reduce your stress with meditation or exercise. Try to get enough sleep.

Further, for the benefit of your hair, learn to do a regular gentle scalp massage, never wear a severe hairstyle that pulls tightly on your hair in any one direction, and adds some pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to your diet if you can.

And if you want to start treatment for your hair loss, then there are some treatments that actually work, like the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) caps. Hair loss treatment is more effective when the hair follicles are starting to malfunction, but are still producing hair.

We are here for you when you’re ready to start treatment for hair loss.

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