Female Hair Loss: 5 Myths About Losing Your Hair

An estimated 40 to 50 per cent of men and women will suffer from hair loss by age 50; a very sobering statistic. As a society we expect hair loss in men, we just don’t expect to hear about hair loss in women. That may explain why there are so many hair loss, thinning hair and hair regrowth myths, especially when it comes to women.

21 Million U.S. Women Experience Hair Loss

According to the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery 21 million U.S. women will experience hair loss, and 80% of them will have noticeable hair loss by age 60. If those numbers don’t scare you then the hair loss treatment for women, or rather lack of options, might.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Even with the high number of women who will experience some form of hair loss, many primary physicians today dismiss or downplay a woman’s concerns. One reason often cited is that thinning hair in women (and men) doesn’t appear to be life threatening. For this reason some doctors think of it as just a part of the aging process, something a woman will just have to learn to live with, that according to the American Hair Loss Association. Unfortunately the lack of empirical information from a trusted professional often leaves women who are seeking information vulnerable to hair loss misinformation. In this post we’ll explore five of the most common, and maybe not so common, hair loss myths.

Test Your Hair Loss Knowledge

  1. True or False: There's no cure for baldness.
    The Answer: FALSE While there is no "miracle cure" there are certainly many treatments including government-approved drugs, low-level laser therapy procedures and hair transplants.

  2. True or False: Losing your hair every day is a sure sign you’re going bald.
    The Answer: FALSE If you've got female-pattern baldness then, yes, you'll most certainly lose hair every day. However, women normally lose as many as 100 hairs a day. These will usually grow back.

  3. True or False: As you age your hair naturally thins, not just on your head, but all over your body.
    The Answer: TRUE Maybe the one best part of growing older –not having to shave as much. That’s because hormonal changes in women (and men) slow hair growth on the scalp, armpits and pubis. Unfortunately, these same hormonal changes can produce some unwelcome side effects – unwanted hair growth for women such as facial hair.

  4. True or False: Wearing your hair in a ponytail will cause you to have bald spots.
    The Answer: TRUE If your hair style of choice most days is a ponytail, (especially if it's super tight) then beware: it could lead to a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. This form of gradual hair loss is caused by tension, stress, and pulling on the scalp and hair fibers.
  5. True or False: One positive side effect of birth control pills, they make hair grow faster.
    The Answer: FALSE Sadly, one of the little known side effects of birth control pills is the potential for hair loss. That’s because the hormones that suppress ovulation may also cause your hair to thin, particularly if you have a family history of hair loss. For some women hair loss begins when they stop taking the pill. When you first begin to notice your hair thinning, it’s natural to be concerned. Getting the right information is important.

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