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The Link Between Prescription Drugs and Hair Loss

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Prescription medications are a reality of many peoples lives, whether struggling with a serious, chronic illness or remedying a short-term injury. Although a necessity for many, medications are loaded with chemicals, often inciting adverse side effects. T.V. commercials with a long list of disclosures sometimes breeze over the potential negative reactions one can have while undergoing prescription therapy. But, reactions to prescription medications can...

10 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

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Despite the fact that pattern baldness, medically termed as androgenetic alopecia, is one of the most common conditions out there for hair loss, it’s still shrouded in much mystery, mythology, and plain-old misinformation. The fact is that, until recently, people knew very little about why we go bald and even less about how to regrow hair, leaving us guessing and speculating about why our...

Understanding Hair Growth Stages

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Many of you have probably heard of three stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen. But there are actually four stages, and the fourth stage is exogen. These stages are a cycle. The hair starts to grow, grows, rests, undergoes some follicle changes to prepare for shedding, and then falls out, and then the follicle starts the cycle anew. Every hair on your...