Now in Chicago: Capillus272™ Laser Caps for Hair Loss Treatment

Chicago hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Yates, invites hair loss sufferers to learn more about non-surgical hair loss treatment with Capillus272™ laser cap.

Premier Chicago hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Yates, introduces new hair loss treatment with the Capillus272™, a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) cap that fits discretely beneath an ordinary hat. Battery-operated and extremely portable, the Capillus272 provides on-the-go laser therapy for adults who demand a discrete, personalized, and effective way to manage hair loss.

“I recommend the Capillus272 laser cap to all of my patients,” explains Dr. Yates. Capillus272 is safe to use in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, like Rogaine® and prescription medications. For men and women who elect to have hair transplant surgery, the laser therapy cap helps to heal, stabilize, and nourish newly transplanted hair.

“It’s proven very effective for my patients who have had surgery, and those who have not,” explains Dr. Yates. “It helps slow down and stabilize hair loss. After surgery, it really seems to kickstart the transplanted grafts to grow quicker.”

Capillus272 is a particularly popular and effective option for women who suffer with thinning, shedding, or balding. Unlike male pattern baldness, female hair loss occurs in a diffuse and spread out manner. This makes the condition problematic to treat with hair transplant surgery. Physicians increasingly prescribe laser therapy with Capillus272 as a leading hair loss treatment for women, providing a safe, non-surgical approach that treats the entire scalp at once.

“The Capillus272 is one of the best options we have for female hair loss,” says Dr. Yates. “My female patients are very grateful to finally have a good option to help reverse their thinning hair.”

FDA-Cleared Hair Loss Treatment
Unlike other laser therapy products available online, Capillus272 is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss in adults, a clearance that demonstrates both safety and effectiveness when used as prescribed by a physician. “It’s so safe and easy to use,” says Dr. Yates. “Everyone who suffers with hair loss should have one.”

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