Dr. Nusbaum: Capillus272 Pro Gives "Much Needed Addition" to Hair Loss Treatment

2015 ISHRS Golden Follicle Award winner, Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, explains why the Capillus272 Pro has “given us a much needed addition to the treatments of male and female pattern hair loss.”

The introduction of low-level laser devices, like the Capillus272 Pro, has given us a much needed addition to the treatments of male and female pattern hair loss. Basically, this is cap that is worn either at home, while watching TV, working on the computer, or even driving for 6 minutes. It’s a rechargeable battery, so that this can be completely portable. If we turn it on, we see a pulsating red light wavelength that is emitted from these 272 diodes. So this provides quite a bit of coverage throughout the scalp.

What’s important to me about this treatment is that, number 1, it is FDA cleared. That is of utmost importance. Number 2, there are scientific studies that show its effectiveness treating male and female pattern hair loss.

Not every patient reacts, or responds, the same. If the head is completely bald, these types of devices are not going to be of use in that particular type of patient. The more hair you have, the earlier in your hair loss process that you begin these types of treatments, the more effectiveness you are going to have.

In some patients, we see hair loss basically stopping, so that it stops hair loss. In others, we see hair growth. So there are benefits that can definitely be achieved with this type of treatment.

What is attractive, especially to women who don’t like to put liquids on their scalp, or topical things that mess up the hair, is that this is completely dry, so regardless of how often they shampoo or go to the beauty parlor, this is not going to mess up their hair. And, actually, the routine of putting liquids into the scalp on a daily basis is difficult for some men also, so that is definitely an advantage.

The Capillus products continue to evolve. In this particular type of hat, basically we can show its operation. When you turn on the battery, you hear a beep, and it will continue to beep, as you can see, telling you it’s ready to put on. Now, so that there is no inadvertent looking at the laser lights, the lights will not turn on until the hat is placed on the head and actually blocks certain sensors. Then, the timer begins, and the typical treatment is 6 minutes.