Fighting Hair Loss

Millions of men and women battle the personal, social, and professional angst of hair loss. If you suffer with thinning, shedding, or balding, rest assured you are not alone.

We all know that hair loss changes how we look, but it can also affect how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps you’re experiencing a decline in self-esteem or feeling less confident at work or in social situations. Our society identifies the loss of hair with growing older and slowing down. Even though you may not feel those things, how others see you, and how you see yourself, impacts your behavior.

There is hope. Reclaim a sense of youthful confidence and self-esteem by learning more about hair loss and treatment options using the resources below.

How Does Hair Loss Work?

Hair loss can be complex, which is why it’s important to understand the basics. Learn more about the hair growth cycle, the importance of healthy hair follicles, and the ways external factors can cause hair to thin, recede, and fall out. Read more about how hair loss occurs.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss occurs differently in women than in men. Influential factors may include genetics, stress, thyroid problems, hormonal changes, traction alopecia, and chemical processing. Early diagnosis is critical, as treatment becomes more difficult as hair loss progresses. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of hair loss in women.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Today, a variety of treatment options are available to safely and effectively treat hair loss. Some treatment options are surgical, requiring the skilled hands of a licensed surgeon to reduce the appearance of baldness. Other treatments are non-surgical, allowing men and women to proactively fight hair loss from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Visit this page to learn more about hair loss treatment options.