What to Expect

What to Expect from Capillus Laser Therapy

Laser hair restoration works but the process is gradual and requires patience. Capillus® laser therapy reverses the natural process of miniaturization. Miniaturization occurs as the hair follicle weakens with each hair cycle, producing increasingly thinner hair until the follicle dies and ceases to produce hair. Laser therapy has been shown to be effective in reversing miniaturization by stimulating and energizing the scalp cells and increasing blood supply to the hair follicle. This allows the follicle to remain viable and capable of producing thicker, healthier hair.

Please keep in mind that you need time to evaluate the treatment. If you are complying with the instructions for use and regularly using your device 6 minutes every day, you should expect to see some results within 6 months.

General Timeline of Results

The following is a general guideline of what to expect in your hair restoration journey.
    • 0–3 Months: The first thing you may or may not notice is an increase in shedding. If this is the case, don’t worry. Initial hair shedding is actually a sign that the treatment is working – indicating that new anagen hairs are pushing out the older hairs to make way for healthy, new shafts of hair. Some itchiness might be experienced at this point in the process as the arrector pili muscles linked to the follicle contract.
    • 3–6 Months: Next, you will begin to notice a decrease in hair loss. After the first few weeks of using your device according to the instructions, you will notice that hair is not shedding as much as previously. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see significant change. Keep in mind that preventing progression of hair loss is in itself a success.
    • 12 Months: This is the time to evaluate the results of laser therapy. We recommend that you take another set of pictures to compare to those you took at the beginning.
    • 24 Months+: This is when you should see the greatest. most impactful results. Expect to see the most you can get from Capillus® laser therapy at this point. For as long as you continue to comply with laser therapy, you should maintain a fuller head of hair and cessation of hair loss.
If, after undergoing laser therapy for several months and complying with the treatment protocol, you are not satisfied with the results you are seeing, you can take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. See details here.

Dr. Robert Leonard Talks About Expectations with LLLT treatment

The following is a general guideline of what to expect in your hair restoration journey.