Explainer: Do Hats Cause Hair Loss?

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the ways that wearing a hat may be contributing to your thinning hair. However, even though wearing a hat can affect the way that your hair grows, losing hair isn’t caused by just any one thing. Many factors go into hair loss - stress, weight gain, lack of exercise and underlying health conditions.

What Are The Causes of Hair Loss?

The most common causes of hair loss are, as we mentioned, genetics, physical shape, stress, age, and diet.

  • - Androgenic alopecia, or genetic pattern baldness, is the leading cause of hair loss in the world.
  • - Your physical health can also attribute to speeding up thinning hair.
  • - Stress can be a major reason as to why you could be experiencing hair loss. In your body, there are glands that produce the stress hormones. These hormones are inversely linked to one of the processes that deal with hair regrowth. If there are more stress hormones, then there will be less hair grown and vice versa.
  • - As you age, the hair follicles in your scalp shrink and aren’t able to produce new hair.
  • - Your diet can influence hair growth. Some foods have the essential ingredients for hair growth like proteins and fatty acids.

Wearing a Tight Hat May Lead to Hair Loss, and Here’s Why

Now, let's talk about traction alopecia. This is the type of balding where pressure is placed on the scalp that restricts the growth of new hair. In some cases, whatever material is up against your scalp, it can rip out your hair when it moves around. The pressure is most commonly caused by wearing a hat that is too tight, which can be abrasive to your hair.

How Can I Tell That I’m Losing Hair Because of My Hat?

So how can you differentiate between baldness caused by wearing a tight cap or by other factors. One way would be to stop wearing the hat and see if you are still losing hair. If not, then it may be the tightness of the hat that’s causing you to lose hair. Do you experience mild headaches and rashes when wearing hats? This may be an indication that the hat is applying too much pressure, which could lead to hair being pulled out.

Will My Hair Grow Back?

So if you are losing hair, be it by the tightness of your cap or any other reason, will it grow back over time? That depends on some factors, like your age, your diet, and if there any underlying genetic variables that could influence you growing your hair back. If your current hair loss is caused by the pressure created by the cap, then it should grow back eventually, assuming no further damage was accumulated while wearing the hat so tightly. Otherwise, your hair regrowth will vary on the conditions that caused it in the first place.

How Can I Regrow My Hair?

Regrowing your hair can be achieved through a variety of methods and treatments. Using products like minoxidil can promote hair growth through ingestion. Other methods include surgeries and wigs. We think that one of the best ways is through our cap, Capillus. Capillus uses red light therapy to stimulate the cells in your scalp into producing more energy to produce hair more efficiently. Capillus is non-invasive and safe. All you need to do is put on the cap and for 6 minutes a day see your hair healthier and fuller.

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