Female Hair Loss: Could Your Hairstyle Be The Cause Of Your Hair Loss?

Have you recently noticed you are losing hair at a faster rate than normal? Is your hair line receding at a noticeable pace? There are many possible answers for what causes above average hair loss in both men and women - including hereditary conditions, and physical and emotional stress. A lesser known cause of thinning hair – your hairstyle.

Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss

As a basic rule, hair styles that pull your hair tight against your scalp are risky. Pony tails, pig tails, braids, and winding your hair too tightly around rollers (especially heated rollers) can all damage your scalp. The reason these types of hairstyles are big contributors to hair loss is that they all can restrict blood circulation to hair follicles. Styling wet hair can also be problematic, because it is more fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

Ponytails Can Cause Hair Loss

If your go to hair routine is a ponytail, braid or any of the others we mentioned above take note. Any hairstyle that puts tension on the strands may over time, result in a condition called traction alopecia. This condition is most commonly recognized by a receding hair line accompanied with headaches, itchy scalp, and hair breakage close to the scalp. TIP:Try wearing a lose braid, or place your pony tail near the nape of your neck to reduce pulling.

Wearing The Same Style Can Cause Hair Loss

Some hairstyles, such as cornrows and permanent hair extensions, can make you particularly vulnerable to balding or thinning hair. Cornrows, a hairstyle in which small sections of hair are braided tightly against the head, and permanent hair extensions a style that is applied by weaving, gluing, or clipping artificial hair to your real hair, are two types of styles that can cause scarring, traction alopecia, and bald spots.

Keys To Hair Regrowth in Men and Women

Both men and women may be able reverse thinning hair or balding caused by certain hairstyles. Long-term use of certain styles can cause scalp scarring and permanent hair loss. To help reduce hairstyle hair loss and as a possible hair loss treatment in women and men, follow these tips:

  • Let your hair air dry completely after a shower or bath, before putting in a ponytail, pigtail, etc.
  • Handle wet hair as little as possible as wet hair is fragile and breaks easily
  • Brush your hair as little as possible
  • Avoid products designed to hold your style in place for long periods of time, and don’t comb your hair after applying these products
  • Use hot tools on hair that is completely dry
  • Don’t leave straighteners or curling irons in place for longer than a couple of seconds
  • Do not frequently wear pony tails, pig tails, braids, cornrows, or hair extensions

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