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Is Coconut Oil Good For Hair Growth?

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Introduction Coconut oil can be used for a variety of different applications. From cooking to hair care, it’s versatility has proven to be useful in many people’s lives. Extracted from coconuts, the oil has a sweet taste and distinctive aroma which can be found in countless cuisines around the world. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll be going over its use in helping...

Scalp Biopsies, Stigmas & Doubts Debunked

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Scalp Biopsies, Stigmas & Doubts Debunked Hair loss can come with a few uncomfortable moments, starting with having someone examine your scalp at a microscopic level. I don't think many more things get as personal as someone seeing your follicles at a microscopic level! If you happen to be googling the term "scalp biopsies," then chances are you may be having one sometime soon,...

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency: 4 Tips For Healthy Hair Regrowth

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By implementing healthy habits into your hair routine, you must have a genuinely consistent AND INTENTIONAL approach to nurturing your scalp as well as your hair. Hair journeys do not usually happen in a day; incredible before & after transformations are similar. It takes months to grow out a bob and various services (and hundreds of dollars) to become a platinum blonde or remove...