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Grey Hair and Hair Loss: Are They Related?

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If you have ever wondered whether greying hair and losing hair are related, the short answer is yes, they are. A cancer researcher in Texas has discovered by accident that, in fact, they are closely related, in mice at least. While studying tumor growth and development, Dr. Lu Le found that a protein called Krox20 not only affects tumor growth but also turns on...

A Guide: Types Of Alopecia & Which One Affects You?

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This month we are talking alopecia in all its splendor. Until quite recently, not even the most attractive, rich, or famous could "get away" from a bald and beautiful fate. Thanks to the exponential improvement of LLLT, medication, and surgery, there are preventative solutions that, when carefully assessed and practiced, can have impressive and "braggable" results for those who are starting to notice some...

5 Hair-Care Guidelines to Make the Best of Your Labor Day

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Make your weekend selfie ready! Chances are you will be spending this Labor Day with a few friends, family, housemates or enjoying that precious alone time. No matter what situation you find yourself in (a post-pandemic picnic, barbecue, or in a bubble bath at home), a MAJOR part of feeling good is looking good. Start with your selfie hair in mind. Get that mane...