3 Bad Habits that Lead to Thinning Hair

Some hair loss is unavoidable. In fact, humans lose anywhere between 50 and 100 strands per day. And while genetic or autoimmune conditions affect the hair growth cycle, instigating noticeable balding and thinning, irresponsible actions can also damage sensitive hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Consider (and cease) the following three habits that can thin your hair.

1. Straightening Wet Strands

Never, never, never put a hot ceramic tool in direct contact with soaking wet hair. There’s a reason you hear sizzling and see steam when a flatiron is clamped around damp strands – and the outcome is not good. Even hair dryer concentrators might be too much heat for delicate wet strands. Instead, allow your hair to partially air dry with the help of a microfiber towel. Be sure to squeeze instead of rub, as the fibers can cause friction and damage the cuticle. Soak up any excess water before beginning your hair drying routine. For extra healthy locks, save styling for weekends and date nights, and let your hair dry naturally the majority of the time.

2. Too Much Dying or Processing

While sporadic coloring doesn’t necessarily cause hair loss, too many chemicals can upset follicles. Excessive coloring, straightening treatments or perms cause dry and brittle locks. If you’re prone to changing up your style, do so in moderation and always consult a professional. While the do-it-yourself route is cheaper, you’ll pay in the end with damaged hair. If you have grey hairs to cover, consider keratin fibers or quick root touch ups instead of complete coloring sessions

3. Eating Poorly

Lacking adequate nutrition, primarily vitamins, is detrimental to hair health. Excessive dieting has the potential to cause hair loss when individuals aren’t getting the proper nutrition to maintain regular bodily functions. Healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and proteins are necessary for keeping hair full and long. If you’re looking to boost hair vitality, consider biotin, zinc, iron, niacin, and vitamin C. Breaking the bad habits hurting your hair might not be enough. Low-level laser therapy for hair growth with Capillus replenishes damaged follicles and assists in regrowth. For more information on our haircare products and LLLT caps, call us directly at (844) 280-4680.

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