Good Hair Habits for the New Year

If you’re thinking of making some New Year’s resolutions, a few minor things could really help you prevent hair loss and hair thinning. Here’s a short list of easy tips.

Eat Well

We’ve talked about how certain vitamin deficiencies can play a role in hair loss. Try to eat better. By that, we mean eat foods that are less processed—the processing strips out most of the nutrients. Eat a variety of foods. The old adage that lots of color on your plate spells more nutrition has some truth to it. If you’re very concerned about vitamin deficiencies, have your family doctor do some blood tests. And don’t forget eating pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.

Supplement Your Vitamins

If it turns out that you are deficient in something, then by all means, supplement with vitamins. Tread carefully, however, and consult with your doctor. Taking too much of some vitamins can also contribute to hair loss. So, it’s important to take the right amount. Don’t decide how many vitamins to take on a willy-nilly basis. Cronometer is an excellent and free website that gives you very detailed nutritional analyses of anything you eat.

A new study just came out about Vitamin D, and that we probably need much more than previously calculated. Discuss this with your family doctor, especially if you live far from the equator where you get very little sun in the winter.

Consider Your Hair Style

Severe hairstyles with your hair pulled tightly back are bad for your hair. They contribute to tension alopecia. How about a looser, softer look?

Turn down the temperature of your shower when you wash your hair. Scalding your hair and hair cuticle is a big no-no.

While hair itself may be dead, the follicles that make hair are very much alive. They respond to good food and a good lifestyle just like any other part of your body and will respond to being treated kindly.

Talk to Us

If you’re ready to take the next step and regrow your hair, talk to us. We have several products that can help you. Make 2018 the year that your friends and family make a point to tell you that your hair looks great. It’s easier than you think.

Everyone at Capillus wishes you Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year. If you have any questions about treatment for hair loss or any of our products, we encourage you to call us directly at (844) 280-4680.

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