Vitamins That Are Good for Your Hair

There is no doubt that eating healthy contributes to having a healthy body and healthy hair. Some vitamins play a more important role in your hair growth and quality than others, and some vitamin deficiencies have a particularly damaging and well-documented effect on your hair. Let’s look briefly at a few of these vitamins.


Yes, iron is important for your hair growth. Remember that iron is absorbed better if it is consumed with some vitamin C. Anemia is clearly associated with hair loss. If you are not anemic, however, it’s not clear whether supplementing your diet with more vitamin D helps your hair. There has been very little research on the effects of vitamin supplements on people with mild vitamin deficiencies.


Zinc is definitely important. There has been research showing hair loss reversal in patients that were deficient in zinc.


Pellagra, the disease caused by a niacin deficiency has hair loss as one of its symptoms.

Vitamin C

Scurvy, the disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency, also has hair loss as one of its symptoms. Please note, that if you have pellagra or scurvy, hair loss would be the least of your problems.

Protein and Fatty Acids

These are both important for hair health, and a deficiency in either of them can cause hair loss.


A deficiency in selenium is believed to contribute to hair loss.

Vitamin D

A deficiency in vitamin D is believed to contribute to hair loss, but there has been very little research in this area.

Keep in mind, that you can’t know if you are deficient in certain vitamins unless you see your doctor. We recommend that you discuss any sudden or worsening hair loss with your family doctor, who can order some of these blood tests.

Our articles are for informational purposes. Make sure you are aware of how vitamins affect your body by discussing it with your family doctor. Find out if you are deficient in certain vitamins before supplementing with them, and only supplement with the amounts your doctor recommends. When you’re ready to concentrate on getting your hair loss under control, we’re here for you.

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