Minimizing Your Fall Hair Shedding

A while ago, we talked about how your hair goes through seasonal changes. We talked about how new growth from hair follicles in the spring is often followed by significant hair shedding in the fall.

Not everyone notices this, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones, there are a few simple things you can do to minimize this fall shedding.

  1. Vitamin D. Get enough vitamin D this winter. We know that a vitamin D deficiency is related to hair loss, and often people have a significant drop in vitamin D when the summer (outdoor) sports season is over.
  2. Lower your stress levels. Whether you add a little exercise or some mindfulness meditation, it’s not hard to lower stress levels. Stress affects hair loss in many ways that are not well understood. So make an extra effort to reduce stress in fall and winter.
  3. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are good for your hair. You can eat it, and you can also put cooked pumpkin on your scalp. Take advantage of pumpkin being in season and eat lots of it. Pumpkin can be boiled or roasted, and the seeds are incredibly nutritious, complete with the hull—and not just for your hair. The seeds contain protein, carbohydrate, and fat and a significant amount of trace minerals that we all need. Just clean off the seeds, toss them in some vegetable oil and salt and pepper, and bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit until they’re lightly browned. And it’s harvest season in North America, so eat well and those fruits and vegetables that are ripe.
  4. Get a hair trim. If you are shedding some hair, a haircut will minimize the damage. Trim your hair and get rid of all the split ends you acquired out in the sun.
  5. Add a scalp massage to your routine. Research tells us that regular scalp massages stimulate the hair follicles and are suitable for hair growth. All you need to do is spend five minutes doing the massage in the shower while your hair is slick with shampoo or conditioner, a few times a week.

Some hair shedding in the fall is normal because it follows the burst in hair growth from the spring. No one else will notice this shedding, but a little extra attention to your diet and mind and body health can help you minimize the shedding.

Anyone suffering from sudden and significant hair loss should see his or her family doctor, but we are here for you when you’re ready to start treatment for hair loss.

If you have any questions about treatment for hair loss or any of our products, we encourage you to call us directly at (844) 280-4680.

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