A Receding Hairline from Pattern Hair Loss Can be Treated with Capillus LLLT.

One of the first signs of pattern balding is a receding hair line. Help prevent hair loss with Capillus FDA-cleared laser therapy. Just 6 minutes every day.
Receding Hairline Treatment

Are You Noticing a Receding Hairline?

Are you noticing a receding hairline? A receding hair line, where the hair around your forehead gradually starts to move back, may be an early sign of balding. Men, in particular, may begin noticing recession as early as their teens or early 20s. There are various treatments to treat hair loss and help restore your hair line; the trick is to start early before the problem becomes irreversible. Only hair loss that is not advanced is treatable.

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Treatment for Receding Hairline Patterns

Receding hairlines in men, and thinning or baldness at the crown are the most common signs of androgenic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss. Laser therapy, such as Capillus, is FDA-Cleared to treat hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia, and it helps stop a receding hairline and help regrow thicker, healthier hair. Unlike other treatment options for hair loss with risk of sexual and developmental side effects (finasteride), laser therapy is safe and has no known adverse side effects.
Laser Device for Receding Hairline

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