Capillus Physician Spotlight: Dr. Shelly Friedman

Dr. Shelly A. Friedman, a Capillus272 Pro™ authorized physician, is the most experienced hair transplant doctor in Arizona with 29 years and over 15,000 patients in his portfolio. Aside from his extensive experience in treating hair loss conditions, Dr. Friedman is a founding president of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and a Medical Advisor for the American Hair Loss Council. Dr. Friedman received his undergraduate education at Providence College and later attended medical school at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University. He received his D.O. in June 1982. After college, Dr. Friedman underwent post-graduate training as an intern at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, where he also completed his residency in 1986. He completed a fellowship in Sclerotherapy under Elise Bernier, M.D., along with two Preceptorships in Hair Transplantation under Dr. Emanuel Maritt and Dr. Walter Unger. To round out his academic and educational career, Dr. Friedman has been an assistant clinical professor in dermatology since 1986. Throughout his career, Dr. Friedman has dedicated his time and practice toward teaching other hair transplant physicians his surgical procedures. He fuses the most modern techniques in hair transplant surgery with his own unique skills to provide the most optimal experience for his patients. In tune with the most modern advances in hair restoration , Dr. Friedman is an advocate and provider of the Capillus272 Pro™ - the strongest at-home laser cap on the market currently. Dr. Friedman’s office in Scottsdale offers the Capillus272 Pro™ as a simple, convenient route to minimize the progression of hair loss and stimulate regrowth. At the Scottsdale Institute for Cosmetic Dermatology, low-level laser therapy with Capillus stands as a preferred method among most clients. To learn more about Dr. Friedman’s practice and methods, or to discuss undergoing LLLT for hair loss, contact the hair loss specialists directly at 480-500-7443.

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